VHF Radio

Shipmatic offer the best in high performance maritime VHF Radiotelephones, including products from Saracom and Cobham Satcom. Approved, advanced and highly reliable, these products comply to professional standards and are some of the most powerful and high quality VHF products available, ensuring clear voice communications for daily operations.

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Cobham maritime communications provide reliable communications in the toughest maritime conditions. Their product range includes the best in voice - video and data communications - onboard internet and more. The extensive SAILOR and Sea Tel portfolio of cutting-edge and reliable Satellite Communication-at-Sea terminals accommodates every vessel type and size - and all available satcoms services. Cobham Antenna Systems offer a diverse portfolio of antennas covering a range of frequencies and compatible for use with a number of different systems.

This allows Cobham products to be used with in an extensive a range of applications across land, air and sea. In addition to their antenna technology, Cobham also offer fully integrated systems, for use in commercial and military communications compatible with X-band and KA-band satellites. Cobham is a world leader in communication and data link systems. Utilising state-of-the-art technologies to design affordable, highly reliable high performance systems that have decreased over time in terms of size, weight and power consumption. Cobham products enable people or systems to communicate under the most challenging and demanding conditions.

When connections have to be made and failure is not an option Cobham communication and data link systems will keep providing customers with high quality voice and data communications. Contact AMI for maritime communications requirements for leisure or commercial vessels and facilities.



Saracom Co. Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sale of marine navigational and communications equipment.

It offers communication equipment, including global maritime distress and safety systems (GMDSS), MF/HF radio transceivers, VHF DSC transceivers, inmarsat-C ship earth stations, emergency position indicating radio beacons, navtex receivers, search and rescue radar transponders, and two-way radio telephones; navigation equipment comprising ship’s sound signal appliances, air and electronic horns and accessories, ship’s bells and gongs, time controllers, and magnetic compasses; and handling equipment, such as auto pilots, gyro compasses, fire detection systems, gas detection systems, public address systems, rutters, and sailors.

The company is also involved in the radio station, and communication appliances and network construction activities, as well as producers of ship navigation equipment, such as magnetic compasses, radars, GPS plotters, and fire detection systems. In addition, it offers SeaTrack vessel monitoring system, an application for remote monitoring of vessels for fisheries and management purposes, and vehicles; and develops ship simulation programs. The company was formerly known as Samyang Museon Gongeop Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Saracom Co., Ltd.