Navtex Receiver

Designed to be fitted on IMO mandatory fit vessels and displays automatic updates of weather information, navigational warnings and other important safety information on its bright, 6in display which displays colour coded messages depending on the NAVTEX message type - Meteorological Forecasts, Navigation Warnings or Search and Rescue alerts. Contact Shipmatic for more information.

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Saracom Co. Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sale of marine navigational and communications equipment.

It offers communication equipment, including global maritime distress and safety systems (GMDSS), MF/HF radio transceivers, VHF DSC transceivers, inmarsat-C ship earth stations, emergency position indicating radio beacons, navtex receivers, search and rescue radar transponders, and two-way radio telephones; navigation equipment comprising ship’s sound signal appliances, air and electronic horns and accessories, ship’s bells and gongs, time controllers, and magnetic compasses; and handling equipment, such as auto pilots, gyro compasses, fire detection systems, gas detection systems, public address systems, rutters, and sailors.

The company is also involved in the radio station, and communication appliances and network construction activities, as well as producers of ship navigation equipment, such as magnetic compasses, radars, GPS plotters, and fire detection systems. In addition, it offers SeaTrack vessel monitoring system, an application for remote monitoring of vessels for fisheries and management purposes, and vehicles; and develops ship simulation programs. The company was formerly known as Samyang Museon Gongeop Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Saracom Co., Ltd.



McMurdo's safety equipment range is suited to workboats, leisure craft, navigation and ports as well as goverment and military vessels. Includes EPIRB, PLB and SART products.