Shipmatic provides sales & servicing of marine electronic equipment as well as provision of compass adjustment and calibration services...
AMI Group Service network
Our customers benefit from the full capability of the AMI Group. Australasian leading providers of commercial survey and service, wholesale marine, satellite communications, marine electronics and more.

How can Shipmatic and the AMI Group offer you and your customer the highest quality range of product and service expertise available in your region?

Becoming a member of the well regarded AMI Group in 2015, in addition to their already considerable service and supply ability, Shipmatic gained access to a wide scope of marine electro-mechanical technicians, accredited surveyors, highly experienced engineers, and factory trained techical staff. In cooperation with Singapore’s AMI Marine International Pte Ltd, Shipmatic offer the best in project management, bridge integration, communications, monitoring and control systems, with an established logistical network, life cycle support and regional capability.

Shipmatic customers also benefit from enhanced high seas support, an extremely comprehensive product knowledge base and a company with over 30 years of commercial marine experience.

Contact Shipmatic for consultation on your next vessel project or service requirement.

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